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Alumni Snapshot

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Deven Stanley
Class of 2014
B.S. Business Administration Marketing
Point Loma Nazarene University
Global Wholesale Accounts Manager
“I am grateful for the leadership opportunities granted by CAHS extracurriculars. Serving both asa the 2014 class president and co-captain of the surf team, I was equipped with the leadership skills needed for my career path. I now work in the surf industry managing global wholesale accounts."
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Aron Molina
Class of 2016
B.S. Criminal Justice
Grand Canyon University
Armor Officer
U.S. Army
“I am currently an Armor Officer in the United States Army, stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. As a tank platoon leader, I have four tanks and 16 soldiers under my command. My experience at CAHS helped shape me into the man I am today, and I will never forget the memories and friends I made while attending."
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Annika Mizel
Class of 2010
B.A. English - Azusa Pacific University 
J.D. - Yale Law School
Jones Day
“I am so incredibly grateful for my time at CAHS—for the teachers who encouraged me, and for the community of friends and classmates who inspired me. Several of my brothers have since graduated from CAHS, and we are all so grateful for the key role it played in our transition to adulthood. It's a special place!”
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Kaitlyn Pressley
Class of 2018
B.S. Social Work
Grand Canyon University
Human Trafficking Recovery 
Program Manager
Phoenix Dream Center
“I am so grateful to have graduated from CAHS, and will never forget the impact that the staff, teachers, and community have had on my time with them. CAHS motivates and inspires each generation of students, and has encouraged my excitement for what's next. Go Caimans!”
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Kailey Molina
Class of 2014
B.S. Elementary and Special Education
Grand Canyon University
Resident Director at GCU, receiving master's in autism spectrum disorders.
"I am grateful for my time at CAHS. I was challenged by incredible teachers, coaches, and leadership directors who truly cared about me as an individual. I spent three years teaching second grade, and recently I have transitioned into higher education. The faculty and staff at CAHS modeled how to love and lead students well, which is something I continue to carry into my career."
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Caleb Crist
Class of 2017
B.S. Accounting and Finance
Point Loma Nazarene University
Audit Assitant
"I am grateful for the many leadership opportunities I had at CAHS. Being a part of the football team taught me accountability, responsibility, time management, and teamwork, all of which I use in my current position today."
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Breanna Kirklen
Class of 2014
B.S. Psychology
Hope International University
Probationary Firefighter
San Diego Fire Department
"The teachers and coaches at CAHS helped me identify my core values and instilled confidence and a strong work ethic. They challenged me academically but also took the time to help me personally. CAHS prepares students to be well-rounded individuals who can succeed in ay career they decide to pursue."
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