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My name is Jennifer Morrow, and as your Principal, I welcome you to our school. Classical Academy Middle School is a dynamic, tuition-free public charter school serving grades 7 and 8. Classical Academy Middle School is a California Distinguished School and we received national recognition with receipt of the Gradient Learning Rise Award. Our team is passionate about providing the best education possible for students to become successful thinkers, communicators, and achievers. Our mission is to partner with parents to create self-directed, passionate learners equipped with the skills and strategies to think, communicate, and achieve in middle school, high school, and beyond. We offer a nurturing environment with a commitment to high academic standards and strong moral character. Classical Academy Middle School (CAMS) uniquely blends the best of the traditional classroom experience and independent study.

Our team is passionate about helping middle schoolers gain a love for learning and acquire the skills they need to be successful in high school and beyond!

Jennifer Morrow

Program Overview

Classical Academy Middle School (CAMS) provides 7th and 8th grade students a well-rounded middle school experience. Our program uniquely blends classroom instruction with credentialed teachers and independent study overseen by a parent educator.

CAMS partners with parents to provide a blended learning environment that allows students to maximize potential by offering academic and co-curricular choices, fostering creativity, and developing self-directed, lifelong learners. With blended learning and elective options available, Classical Academy Middle School inspires students with a challenging, supportive, and motivating program that allows them to grow and thrive!

Students are encouraged to pursue academic excellence through mastery of foundational content and skills as they become exceptional and confident thinkers, communicators, and achievers.

Program Options

Classical Academy Middle School partners with parents to create self-directed, passionate learners who can think, communicate and achieve.

We offer two distinct programs at the middle school, Summit Learning and M Track. Both programs offer classes on campus Tuesday through Thursday, providing content-rich learning options for students focused on positive character development. On Monday and Friday, students complete work independently at home with their parent educator.

CAMS teachers are passionate about using hands-on activities, collaborative learning, and real-world applications in daily lessons. Courses are aligned to Common Core State Standards and other standards relevant to specific disciplines.

Courses are rich in technology instruction, and all classrooms offer access to devices in daily activities. On Monday and Friday, students complete assignments in all subjects at home with the support and instruction provided by the homeschooling parent.

Both programs cover all core classes, including math, science, English, and history. Elective courses and activities include art, soccer, engineering, drawing, Spanish, and more.

M Track Program

Our M Track program has been serving students since 2013, offering students a well-rounded education. Students rotate through five classes—math, English, science, history, and writing—on Tuesdays through Thursdays. They are assessed through quizzes, tests, papers, and daily activities to track their progress. The program utilizes both online e-textbooks and physical textbooks, accessible through Schoology, to support the curriculum and provide students with a comprehensive learning experience. The aim is to combine digital and traditional resources for an effective and engaging educational journey in the M Track program.

Summit Learning Program

Our Summit Learning program has been a part of Classical Academy Middle School since 2017. This program helps students become self-directed learners with a strong academic foundation. During the school day, students rotate through five classes, which include math, English, history, science and SDL (self-directed learning). As a Summit Learning partner, we use a comprehensive curriculum created by Summit Learning's Curriculum & Assessment team and modified by Classical Academy teachers.

The Summit Learning Program at CAMS incorporates three main components: self-directed learning time, project time, and mentorship. Students have the autonomy to choose their preferred learning methods and demonstrate competency across core subjects using online resources, small group collaboration, and guidance from their homeschooling parent. 70% of a student's grade is based on cognitive skill development through projects. During project time, teachers lead students through engaging activities which promote critical thinking, collaboration, and practical application of knowledge. Through mentorship, students are paired with teacher mentors to establish short and long-term goals, fostering connections and support for personal growth beyond their time at CAMS.

Rise Award

In the Spring 2023, Classical Academy Middle School's Summit Program received the Rise Award, a national recognition that honors schools that have systems, structures, and culture that prepare students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in life beyond the classroom.

The Rise committee specifically recognized our school’s:

  • High levels of student engagement
  • Positive classroom and school culture
  • Commitment to continual improvement
  • Despite the logistical challenges of not having students on campus every day, we have a demonstrated strong implementation of the Summit Learning tenets of Rigor, Customization, and Self-Direction
  • Our whole-campus approach and collaboration between M-track and Summit

Student Activities

Associated Student Body (ASB)
ASB (Associated Student Body) students are leaders on campus and in the community. They are positive role models and put leadership skills into action, initiate positive changes, and promote community on campus. ASB meets after school most Thursdays from 3:15 pm – 4:45 pm.


Field Trips
Students attending Classical Academy Middle School have the opportunity to take enriching, educational, overnight class trips to Catalina Island and the East Coast. While attending CAMS, students also have the opportunity to participate in all-school field trips throughout the year. Past trips have included: Medieval Times, California Science Center, and Riley's Farm.

Classical Academy Middle School has an after-school sports program for 7th and 8th-grade students. Sports change about every eight weeks depending on student interest and parent-volunteer coaches. Practice and games are held weekly, including volleyball, flag football, soccer, basketball, cross-country, track, and field. Sporting teams compete with other schools in the Escondido Small School's League.

Campus Fun
Throughout the year, students will enjoy spirit days, school-wide positive culture campaigns, a school dance, CAMS in the Community, Scholastic Book Fair, Science Fair, History Fair, food drives, holiday door decorating, community service projects, Cohort Competition, and more!

Dance Team
CAMS offers dance team once a week where students will explore various dance styles while making new friendships and learning new skills. Students will develop a lifelong appreciation for the art of dance as well as become more physically fit, increase muscle memory, gain strength, improve stamina, and increase flexibility while developing meaningful relationships.

Musical Theater
Musical theater plays an essential role in a well-rounded education. Integrating voice, acting, and dance, the performing arts programs offer a creative and experiential approach for students to think, communicate and achieve while engaging and enriching the broader community.
Classical Academy Middle Schools offers students the opportunity to participate in two productions a year: a fall "Best of Broadway" showcase and a full musical theater production in the spring. Past spring performances have included Aladdin, Lion King, Wizard of Oz, and Peter Pan.

Special Education

The Classical Academy Department of Special Education's mission is to ensure that children with disabilities receive a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). We work with families, students, teachers, and other professionals to promote student success through individualized learning and support. The Classical Academy is committed to serving the needs of all students. Our schools believe that the Least Restrictive Environment begins in the general education classroom/setting for all students, and supplemental aids and services are added to students' education settings according to their individual needs. Students with learning or behavioral disabilities are provided a comprehensive range of services as specified in students' Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). The Classical Academy, Special Education program includes various services for eligible students under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The Classical Academy believes in a team approach: student, parent, general education teacher, special education teacher, and any instrumental team member.


Teachers meet with students and parents four times per year. Teachers collect reading logs, review student work, answer questions, and discuss student progress at these conferences. Teachers support parents with communication and collaboration as partners in the educational process. Conferences are a time to review objectives, ask questions, and ensure students are on track with their learning.

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