JumpStart Parent
Education Conference

JumpStart Parent Education Conference

The Annual JumpStart Parent Education Conference inspires, connects, and motivates parents as they kick off the school year. The conference features a keynote address, over 50 educational break-out sessions, and the opportunity to network with other parents. Break-out sessions include various topics to address the needs of TK-12 students, from learning to read to preparing seniors for college. This event is free for all Classical Academy parents.

This year's JumpStart Parent Education Conference will be on Thursday, August 15, 2024, at Classical Academy High School.

Event Registration

Please download the Whova event app to access the schedule breakout sessions, and exhibitors from your mobile device.

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Event Schedule

7:30 - 8:10 - Complimentary breakfast will be served *

8:15 - 8:30 - CEO Welcome

8:30 - 9:15 - Keynote Address

9:25 - 10:15 - Breakout Session I

10:25 - 11:15 - Breakout Session II

11:25 - 12:15 - Breakout Session III

7:15 - 12:15 - Sponsor Expo

9:25 - 12:15 - Meet Your School Principal

*Breakfast will be served in the Caiman Lunch Quad and will include assorted breakfast sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, and coffee. Breakfast is available while supplies last. We apologize, but no dietary restrictions can be accommodated due to the size of the group.

Tips For The Day

Venue - Our conference will be held at the Classical Academy High School Studio campus, located at 207 East Pennsylvania Avenue, in Escondido. The opening Keynote session will take place in Caiman Hall. Please allow ample time to park, walk, and grab breakfast. 

Parking - Carpooling or taking the Sprinter is highly encouraged due to limited parking. Parking is available in the lot across the street from Classical Academy High School (on Pennsylvania Ave), Classical Academy Middle School (Woodward Ave), and the public lot (Valley Parkway and Maple Ave). A shuttle service will run between Classical Academy High School and Classical Academy Middle School throughout the day.

Event App - This year’s conference will be held in person only. You can access workshop schedules via the conference app, Whova. Download the app for free on the Apple AppStore and Google Play for Android. Sign in with the email you used to register or search for the JumpStart Parent Conference. Please enter the invitation code JUMPSTART23. Follow us on Instagram: @theclassicalacademies and share your favorite part of the day! Make sure to use the hashtags: #TCAJumpStart and #Classicalacademies.

Workshops - Breakout Sessions are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Feel free to bring laptops and tablets to take notes or browse resources. Wireless internet will be available throughout the day. Classrooms are climate-controlled and can tend to get chilly. Please dress in layers as it will be warm outside. Depending on which breakout sessions you choose to attend, there may be a fair amount of walking throughout the day.

Breakfast - Breakfast will be served from 7:30 am - 8:10 am at Classical Academy High School in the lunch quad. Coffee, assorted breakfast sandwiches, fruit, and yogurt will be available while supplies last. We apologize, but dietary accommodations cannot be made due to the size of our group. Please feel free to bring your own breakfast and join our group at the picnic tables. We will enjoy live music from the CAHS band.

What to Bring - Please bring a tablet or laptop if you would like to take notes. Wifi will be available while on campus. The wifi password is JUMPSTART23. Please bring a refillable water bottle, as hydration stations are available on campus. For those of you who would like to bring lunch, you are welcome to picnic on campus or in Grape Day Park. There are also many restaurants within walking distance on Grand Avenue.

Child Care - This is a parent-only event and childcare is not provided. 

Principal Hall - If you are new to our schools, we welcome you! Be sure to stop by the Caiman Hall Foyer to meet and greet your school principal throughout the day.

Business Expo - Event sponsors will be available throughout the day in the Main Hall. Please stop by for special offers, discounts, raffles, and giveaways. These sponsors have made this event possible for parents to attend at no cost.

Book Purchase - The Keynote Speaker will have books available for purchase in the Main Hall. 

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Jumpstart Speaker - Tom Kersting

No Nonsense Parenting: Raising Healthy, Happy Children in an Ever-Changing World

Jumpstart your school year with nationally renowned family psychotherapist, school counselor, and parenting expert Tom Kersting.

While the unique challenges students face today are rising, there is good news. You can intentionally guide your children to a healthy and happy life with back-to-basic, time-tested, and science-based proven strategies. Learn how to help students develop robust social and emotional skills, reclaim a structured day, engage in meaningful conversations, spend more time outdoors, and break the cycle of anxiety and depression.

Tom has been featured on CBS, MSN, FOX, A&E, Today, and Oprah Wellness Network and is the founder and owner of Valley Family Counseling Center in Park Ridge, NJ.