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My name is Dana Moen, Principal of Classical Academy High School (CAHS). I am honored to serve as principal of this distinguished high school. I want each student to know they are loved and they belong at CAHS. We are passionate about partnering with parents to provide the best education possible so that students become successful Thinkers, Communicators, and Achievers. We offer a rigorous and flexible academic program that meets the University of California A-G requirements. As a Distinguished, Gold Ribbon, California public charter school, CAHS provides a nurturing environment teaching students to work hard, live pure, lead with courage, and honor each other while preparing students for college, career, and citizenship. This past year CAHS was ranked as one of only of 12 High Schools in North County San Diego to rank in the top 10% in the USA by US News and World Report. Classical Academy High School is located in downtown Escondido, is one mile from the 78 and 15 freeways, and is within easy walking distance from the Sprinter station on Valley Parkway.

To schedule a tour of our campus, call 760-317-9143.

Dana Moen


Program Overview

Two high school students facing the camera and smiling while in a classroom

The Personalized Learning Campus features numerous programs, including independent study, 3-day-a-week workshops, an entirely virtual option, articulated courses with Palomar College, and concurrent enrollment options. The instructional practices utilize a dynamic blended learning platform called Gradient Learning. Gradient Learning enables us to offer students high-quality project-based learning and individualized mentoring.

When students learn through interdisciplinary projects, they can apply what they have learned to real-world situations and develop the skills they need for success in college and beyond. Teachers at the Personalized Learning Campus embrace project-based learning, which utilizes frequent student collaboration, inquiry, and opportunities for students to “show what they know” in various formats.

Mastery-Based Program

Content delivery also includes assessments and cognitive skills to ensure mastery through projects, collaboration, and exploring passions and talents. Students can access content and resources anytime to personalize their learning experience. Projects are guided through checkpoints that lead up to their final project and presentation. Students may be able to select their presentation format, such as videos, games, displays, or other creative and innovative ways. Students manage their grades through goal setting, meeting with credentialed teachers, and mastery of content and projects.


We believe learning best occurs when:

  • Learners feel safe and secure in their learning environment
  • Parents partner with the school in supporting and encouraging their children to make the most of their talents and abilities
  • Learning is personalized for each student through the use of varied learning modalities
  • A tight alignment of standards, curriculum, and assessment promotes constant improvement of the educational program
  • Learners apply higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills while making connections across the various disciplines
  • Students are challenged to think in complex ways and to apply their knowledge and skills when confronted with unknown circumstances
  • Learners are held to rigorous academic and behavioral expectations
  • Students learn academic content through real-world examples, making education relevant, engaging, and meaningful to their lives
  • A low student-teacher ratio is maintained, allowing for stronger relationships, meaningful interaction, and the meeting of individual needs

Program Options

Photo of female students studying on computers

Classical Academy partners with parents to prepare students to be Thinkers, Communicators, and Achievers. Students have the flexibility to choose an educational program that best fits their learning style. CAHS offers four educational programs across two campuses with all core CAHS curriculum meeting UC/CSU A-G guidelines. Students enrolled on either campus are eligible to participate in CAHS combined athletic and/or performance teams. Each campus offers its own student-led and initiated activities such as clubs, dances and other social events. 

Classical Academy High School - Studio Campus

(207 E Pennsylvania Ave)

Studio Program - 4 days on campus

The Studio Program is designed to serve students who would like to attend class in a traditional classroom setting four days per week (Tuesday - Friday) in an accelerated classroom environment. Studio teachers use lectures, small group interactions, labs, field trips, and projects to deliver an engaging and rigorous curriculum. Students in this program agree to exhibit respectful conduct and academic responsibility, including the timely completion of quality work and daily attendance. All core classes except for math and Advanced Placement (AP) are taught in an accelerated format of 18 weeks. 

Classical Academy High School - Personalized Learning Campus

(130 Woodward Ave)

3-Day Workshops            Full Virtual            Full Independent Study

Students at the Personalized Learning Campus have the most flexibility in blending classroom and independent study options with college prep coursework while maintaining respectful conduct, academic integrity, and the timely completion of quality work. Students who choose this campus prefer the smaller, more personal environment and the yearlong classes which utilize project-based and student-driven learning strategies in a customized learning platform. Students enrolled in any of the programs offered at the Personalized Learning Campus are able to participate in CAHS athletics and/or performance teams.

Three Day Workshop Program

This program allows students who appreciate more structure and in-person instruction to attend a typical high school setting on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with virtual office hours offered on Friday morning. Our award-winning and student-centered curriculum is provided via a customized learning platform through partnership with Gradient Learning and offers rigorous college preparatory course work. Each student will be assigned to meet with their mentor for a 15-minute check-in every week.

Five-Day Independent Study Program - 2 Options

Full Virtual Program

The Full Virtual Program uses E-Learning to offer online curriculum and virtual instruction with our credentialed teachers providing oversight and grading. Our college preparatory curriculum is offered to students via an engaging digital learning environment, which is available to students 24/7 for flexibility in scheduling. The student will work under the guidance of credentialed subject-area teachers and follow a rigorous curriculum that meets UC and CSU A-G guidelines. Course teachers will be available to the student via messaging Monday through Friday, and during Virtual Office Hours Fridays from 9:00 am to 11:00 am where students can check in with their teachers for direct assistance. Additionally, each student will meet with their Cohort Teacher for a 15-minute check-in every week.

Full Independent Study

Our Full Independent Study program is where the parent is the primary educator.  An Educational Specialist will assist the parent with choosing curriculum.  The parent, as the primary educator, will teach the curriculum, grade all student work, and provide documentation to the Education Specialist to support the student's progress.  If the student meets all the independent study requirements, a CAHS transcript will be issued for completed coursework. While courses in the homeschool program are not considered A-G approved, many of these students are college bound and apply to community, private, and out of state colleges.  Students who do not meet the UC/CSU a-g requirements may still apply through “Admission by Exception.” The Full Independent Study Program allows parents to homeschool their students, choosing from various curricula. Families may choose from several options:

  • Selecting their curriculum.
  • Selecting Gradient Learning courses.
  • Working with outside co-ops or vendors.
  • Taking community college courses.

Approved for Palomar College Articulated Courses
CAHS-PL offers Keyboarding, Digital Art- Illustrator, and Digital Art- Photoshop as articulated college courses with Palomar College. Students who complete articulated courses with a letter grade of B or higher receive high school and (free) college credit, as the courses are comparable to community college courses. These classes are the first strand of the Career Technical Education Program in Business and Graphic Communications. Classical Academy High School plans to articulate more courses in the future, increasing student readiness for college and career.

New Family Informational Meetings
For registration and tour information, please contact our front office receptionist,

Student Life

CAHS provides various activities where students can connect with the community and build relationships. Activities include athletics, performing arts, clubs, journalism (yearbook and news publications), robotics, Academic League, school dances, and various ASB-sponsored events. The student culture at CAHS is remarkably accepting, nurturing, inclusive and wholesome, and all school events help students engage with each other in a safe and supervised environment. All students are encouraged to give back to their communities by completing  37.5 community service hours each year of enrollment.


CAHS Robotics Team (a.k.a. “Team 3021: The Agency”):

The CAHS Robotics Team consists of students dedicated to establishing and enhancing their skill sets and knowledge base in relation to industry-standard robots. An Advisor and several mentors work side-by-side with the students to guide their efforts to complete real-world projects that apply robotics to actual problems and issues that cobots (collaborative robots) can address. The CAHS Robotics Team is open to any CAHS students interested in participating and willing to contribute their time and effort. Skills acquired during the year include computer-aided design (CAD), programming/coding, wireless networking, 3D printing, machining and utilization of tools (under supervision), electrical wiring, grant writing, and team logistics. Currently, the CAHS Robotics Team meets on campus on Monday late afternoons/evenings during the school year (subject to change). For more information, contact the current CAHS Robotics Advisor.

Engineering Courses (Introductory and Advanced):

In addition to our after-school Robotics program, CAHS offers introductory Engineering (CAD/Fusion) and Advanced Engineering (Coding/Python) electives courses on campus. These two courses are open to all students, with no prerequisites or prior knowledge. For more details on these courses, please consult the CAHS Course Description Catalog and peruse the courses under Engineering.


Classical Academy High School offers the following band and music programs.

Band/Advanced Band

The Caiman Corps is a fully-featured instrumental music program that performs at pep rallies, home football games, and local and state competitions. The Caiman Corps has competed at the California State Band Championships and was a 2021 State Finalist taking 11th place. In the Winter and Spring, the program shifts to a combination of Jazz Band and Symphonic Orchestra programming. The band is offered as a performing arts class during the school day. Members are encouraged to explore a variety of instruments and are welcome to participate without previous experience.


Classical Academy High School’s Drumline is a competitive ensemble of marching drums, mallet keyboards, synthesizers, and guitars. The drumline competes in tournaments through the American Drum Line Association. This program is open to any student from any Classical or Coastal Academy campus through workshops and auditions each December.


The Caiman Choir Singers learn music reading, vocal techniques, and performance concepts and participate in performances and concerts and festivals throughout the year. This program is open to students from both CAHS campuses.

Visual and Performing Arts

Curricular Philosophy

CAHS believes the visual and performing arts possess inherent value essential in the creation of well-rounded students with a complete education. We believe students should be given the opportunity to think like artists, just as they should also be given the opportunity to approach the world mathematically, scientifically, historically, and linguistically. Studying the arts enables students to connect to content in new ways and gain a greater understanding of oneself and others. The arts encourage and enable students to reflect on quality, celebrate multiple perspectives, solve a problem with multiple solutions, and ‘say’ what cannot be said with words alone. CAHS instruction follows the CA State Standards for artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context, aesthetic valuing, and connections/applications, as well as the Common Core Standards for reading, writing, speaking, and listening. CAHS VAPA courses provide students with an academically enriching and rigorous study of the arts.

Minimum Graduation Requirement: 10 credits (Elective or A-G)

A-G Requirement: 10 credits (A-G only)

  • Art 1 (P)
  • Art 2 (P)
  • Advanced Art
  • AP Art & Design (P)
  • Pep Band (P) @ PL Campus
  • Advanced Band @ PL Campus
  • Dance 1: Discovering Dance (P)
  • Dance 2: Exploring Dance (P)
  • Competition Dance (P)
  • Drama (P)
  • Advanced Drama
  • Graphic Design (P)
  • Advanced Graphic Design (P)
  • Beginning Guitar (P) @ PL Campus
  • Advanced Guitar @ PL Campus
  • Musical Theatre
  • Music Theory 1 - Introduction and Essentials (P) @ PL Campus
  • Music Theory 2 - Composition @ PL Campus
  • Photography (P)
  • Public Speaking (P) @ PL Campus
  • Stagecraft
  • Video Production (P)
  • Advanced Video Production


The Associated Student Body organizes and approves clubs that allow students to meet and gather around a particular interest with a faculty advisor. CAHS typically has 30 clubs meeting throughout the year on various days of the week. This list may change or grow as the school year begins.

Club Rush Day allows all approved clubs to promote and recruit new members. This event is held within the first two weeks of the school year. For Club questions and approval, please contact the current ASB Advisor.

Organizations at CAHS:

  • Academic League
  • Robotics (Competition or Industrial)
  • Athletics
  • Marching Band
  • Color Guard
  • Drumline
  • Flag Team
  • Dance Team
  • Choir
  • Yearbook (Studio)
  • Eventbook (PL)


The Caiman Way – Philosophy of Athletics

“The Caiman Way” philosophy of athletics focuses more on character development than the game's final score.  Caiman athletics are characterized by FUN, FITNESS, FRIENDSHIPS, and FUTURE. Athletes are meant to experience FUN while becoming physically FIT, building lifelong FRIENDSHIPS and preparing for their FUTURE.  Athletes are taught to work hard, live pure, lead with courage, honor their teams, and be committed to their sport. Athletic competition allows students to learn the values of discipline, commitment, respect, and hard work.  Classical Academy High School’s coaches recognize that athletics is a platform to impact students' lives. “The Caiman Way” allows student-athletes to apply the lessons and values learned in high school athletics outside the athletic field.  We hope to partner with parents to help impact young men and women to make a positive contribution to their community long after their time in high school sports is over.

Please follow the link to our athletic website or download the “Caiman Sports” app.

Please go to this link below for contact information for each CAHS athletic team as well as the information for sports clearances:

More information

Athletic Department –

Student Leadership

The Associated Student Body (ASB) is the student-led leadership team whose primary responsibility is to promote school spirit, develop leadership skills, and provide relevant school activities. ASB sponsors various events throughout the year that allow students to participate while developing social skills and healthy relationships. ASB-sponsored events include spirit days, dances, events, student club promotion and management, and many community service and outreach projects. ASB students are elected every spring by their fellow students after going through an application and interview process. For more information, please contact Corie Shields at Students not elected into the ASB may enroll in the Leadership Development course, which focuses on early leadership development in preparation for future opportunities on campus. Juniors and seniors may also apply to Link Crew, a group of upperclassmen dedicated to mentoring and supporting incoming freshmen during their first year of high school. For more information on Link Crew, please contact Shanda Lee at

Special Education

Classical Academy High School Department of Special Education’s mission ensures that children with disabilities receive a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). We work with families, students, teachers, and other professionals to promote student success through individualized learning and support. Classical Academy High School is committed to serving the needs of all students. Our schools believe that the Least Restrictive Environment begins in the general education classroom/setting for all students, and supplemental aids and services are added to students’ education settings according to their individual needs. Students with learning or behavioral disabilities are provided a comprehensive range of services as specified in students’ Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Classical Academy High School Special Education program includes various services for eligible students under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

4 Year College Acceptances - 2023

ABC Technical College

AMDA College of the Performing Arts

Arizona State University

Azusa Pacific University

Baylor University

Belmont University

Benedictine College 

Biola University

Boise State University

Brenau University

BYU Hawaii

Cal Baptist University

Cal Lutheran University

Cal Poly Humboldt

Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly SLO

Chapman University

Coastal Carolina University

Colorado Mesa University

Colorado School of Mines

Colorado State University

CSU Channel Islands

CSU Fullerton

CSU Long Beach

CSU Monterey Bay

CSU Northridge

CSU San Marcos

Culver-Stockton College

Dallas Baptist University

DePauw University

Eastern University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Fordham University

Franciscan University of Steubenville

Fresno State University

George Fox University

Georgia Tech University

Gonzaga University

Grand Canyon University

Grossmont College

Harvard University

Hawaii Pacific University

High Point University

Highlands College

Hofstra University

Hope International University

Howard University

Iowa State University

John Paul the Great Catholic University

Joshua Wilderness Institute

Lake Area Technical College

LeTourneau University

Lewis-Clark State College

Liberty University

Linfield University

Lipscomb University

Long Island University

Louisiana State University

Loyola Marymount University

Loyola University Chicago

Marist College

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Michigan State University

MiraCosta College

Missouri State University

Montana State University

Northern Arizona University

Oakland University

Oklahoma Christian University

Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon Institute of Technology, Portland-Metro

Oregon State University

Oxnard Community College

Palm Beach Atlantic University

Palomar College

Pepperdine University

Pima Medical Institute 

Point Loma Nazarene University

Purdue University

Regent University

Rutgers University

San Diego Mesa College

San Diego State University

San Francisco State University

San Jose State University

Santa Clara University

Seton Hall University

Simpson University

Smarter By One Degree

Sonoma State University

Southern Utah University

St. Catherine University

Sweet Briar College

Texas A&M

Texas Christian University

The Master's University

UC Berkeley

UC Davis

UC Irvine

UC Merced

UC Riverside

UC Santa Barbara

UC Santa Cruz


UNC Charlotte

UNC Wilmington

University of Alabama

University of Arizona

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

University of Colorado Denver

University of Denver

University of Detroit Mercy

University of Hawaii

University of Iowa

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

University of Nevada, Reno

University of Oregon

University of San Diego

University of South Florida

University of Southern Utah

University of Tennessee

University of Texas - Dallas

University of Utah

University of Washington

University of Waynesburg


Utah State University

Vanguard University

Washington State University

Western Washington University

Westmont College

Wheaton College

Whitman College

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Xavier University


Grade Change

Due to the pandemic, the Education Code provides some students an opportunity to catch up. These changes include the option to change a transcript letter grade to Pass or No Pass for classes taken during 2020-2021 and possibly retake a grade level. For the 2020-21 through 2023-24 school year, certain post secondary institutions, including the ones listed here, will accept, for admission purposes, a transcript with a Pass or No Pass grade instead of a letter grade. This change will not negatively affect your child’s grade point average (GPA). However, please be advised that some colleges, including those in other states, may not accept a Pass or No Pass grade instead of a letter grade for admission purposes. We recommend you check with specific colleges your student may be interested in before requesting this transcript change.

If you have additional questions, please contact Elenna Uribe at

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