CEO Welcome

Chief Executive Officer Welcome

Welcome to the Classical Academies!

We are North County’s premiere charter school organization! Our personalized learning programs have served students in Transitional Kindergarten through 12th grade since 1999. It is our goal that every student becomes an effective thinker, communicator, and achiever.

Our team of professional educators strives to be their very best, knowing that students and their academic needs come first. We are here with one goal: to make great things happen for students! This is possible in a thriving partnership with families that we define as:

T: Trust! We trust that parents and guardians have the best interest of their students at all times. Parents are the primary educator, and teachers are here to support them in that effort.

C: Collaboration! We collaborate with parents to create the best personalized academic program for their students. Working together, we can achieve more and keep our collective efforts focused on student achievement.

A: Accountability! Parents and teachers hold each other accountable to ensure that we are working to benefit students in our care. We are in this together, and mutual accountability makes this partnership so unique and relevant.

Our schools continue to garner local and national recognition and accolades.

As a parent whose children have attended our schools, I can say with great pride and certainty that our team truly values the connection with every student. This results in a positive and heartfelt school culture where differences are celebrated and students find a place to excel.

I invite you to tour one of our campuses, meet our site leaders, and explore our flexible program options to see if we are a fit for your family. I look forward to partnering with you in your children's education at the Classical Academies.

All my best!

Cameron Curry
Chief Executive Officer