Join us in reinventing public education.

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What We Do

We partner with parents to inspire each student to think critically, communicate effectively, and achieve excellence by providing academic options.

Our Story

Founded by a group of visionary parents in Escondido, the dream began in 1999 with 200 students.  Today, we have seven sites in North San Diego County serving over 4,500 students and their families.  With the same passion of our founders, we continue to “partner with parents” to reinvent public education through flexible, personalized learning options.

From the beginning, independent study, i.e., homeschooling, has been in our DNA. Our educational parent-partnership built on trust, collaboration, and accountability continues to guide our decisions as we strive to help all students think, communicate, and achieve.

Why Join Our Team?

Here Are Five Reasons to Consider


We desire what’s best for students and their families.  We come to work everyday knowing the work of educating, informing, and inspiring students is the most important and rewarding work there is.  We value the parent partnership and commit to delivering exceptional customer service.  

Work You Love

Working at The Classical Academies you will have the opportunity to reinvent public education with purpose and passion.  You’ll be inspired to innovate and creatively imagine programs and curriculum that directly impact student success and improve our organization.

Best Place to Work in San Diego

The Classical Academies has been awarded the best place to work in San Diego for Midsize companies in both 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2022. We offer generous vacation and holiday time, full benefits, access to the coveted CA pension system, as well as competitive compensation and flexible work options.

In addition, we prioritize the needs of our employees first so you will be encouraged to relax, enjoy, and recharge on the weekends.

Positive, Supportive, Innovative Culture

If you are positive, confident, and willing to serve others, you’re our kind of people.

You’ll join a team that is committed to innovation and excellence.  You’ll be supported with professional development and equipped with the tools, information, and resources needed to make an impact.

You’ll be guided by clear directives and competent, engaging managers who seek your best interests as well as those of the team.

We celebrate success and those that make it possible.  

Build The Future

This isn’t a status quo organization: we’re passionate about what we do.   We’re actively busy building the future of public education and we don’t accept mediocrity.  Our team is focused, disciplined, and strategic in meeting student needs.

10 Ways We Are Unique

  1. Parents - We believe parents are the primary educators of their children.  We align to serve the needs of students and families, putting egos and agendas aside.  We come alongside parents with tools, information, and resources to help educate and inspire students.  Everything else, including our budget, is in service of this mission.
  2. Character - We believe character is just as important as competence.  This means our school culture elevates love, kindness, care, compassion, service, excellence and respect.  
  3. Personalized - As an independent study California public charter school, we use our flexibility to personalize the education of students, helping them think, communicate, and achieve.
  4. Curriculum - We choose our curriculum to inspire excellence by holding forth examples of literature, music, and art, which have stood the test of time and been widely recognized as the very best.
  5. Dynamic Organization - We’re a dynamic organization with over 500 employees and an annual operating budget of $41,000,000.  
  6. Technology - We use technology as a means to improve our operations and personalize our educational options.
  7. Operations - We operate like a business with the heart of a non-profit.  
  8. Not Organized - Our professional educators and administrators are employed at-will with no affiliation with unions.  This ensures we hire and retain employees who excel in serving students and families.  
  9. The Arts - We invest heavily in the arts Tk-12.
  10. Awards - The Classical Academies have received numerous awards and accolades and our schools are considered exemplary throughout the state of California.

Promoting Well-being and Work-Life Balance

Classical Academies recognize that the health and wellness of team members contribute to the organization's success. Employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package that includes generous time off, health, dental, vision, and life insurance plans. Investing in the team creates a supportive and thriving environment that allows employees to recharge, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and enjoy personal and professional growth.

Culture Points

When hiring, we look for the people who exemplify passion, communication, judgment, and impact.