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Why Give

When you make a gift to the North County Education Foundation (NCEF), you invest in a child’s future. Your contribution will ensure that NCEF can continue to support students who attend The Classical Academies.

Your privacy is important to us, the North County Education Foundation will keep your personal data secure and safe. The Classical Academies will not share any of your information with anyone for any reason.

Founding Mission

The Classical Academies North County Education Foundation (NCEF) was founded in 2006 to advance the school’s mission of providing an excellent education for every student. NCEF passionately seeks funding from parents, community members, businesses, foundations, grants, and other philanthropic organizations so students can become exceptional thinkers, communicators, and achievers.

Offsetting Funding Inequities

Independent Study Public charter schools like The Classical Academies are not funded at the same level as traditional public schools in California. While traditional public schools receive additional funding for facilities, The Classical Academies has to borrow on its future by selling school bonds through the California School Finance Authority. The funding inequity - and the millions of additional dollars spent on facilities - creates a more significant burden on charter public schools to produce sustainable positive outcomes, purchase needed curriculum, invest in the arts, and offer competitive sports and extracurriculars that benefit students.

Benefitting Students

Your support of the Classical Academies through the North County Education Foundation provides essential revenue critical in balancing the annual operating budgets at all Classical Academy schools and ensures students receive unparalleled experiences in academics, athletics, arts, and all areas of pursuit on campus. Specific Funding Opportunities Include:

  • School Site Priorities
  • Extracurriculars
  • Sports
  • Arts Funding
  • Endowment
  • Student Scholarship
  • Parent Education
  • Vocational Training and Preparation
  • Other Academic Necessities
  • Facilities Enhancements / Capital Campaigns

The North County Education Foundation is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization, tax ID# 04-3694280.
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