Our Commitment to the Community

February 23, 2022

With the pandemic waning, students back in classrooms across North County now is the time for public education to restate its commitment to our community across the region. Students and their learning are the priority, and helping prepare them for college, career, and citizenship is the goal. We know from living, working, and playing in North County San Diego, we are the jewel of the region in its assets and excellent public schools, being a pillar of excellence.The Classical Academies focus on helping all students become better thinkers, communicators, and achievers. The pandemic just reinforced our commitment to students and their learning. Over the past two years, we have not only continually pivoted to benefit our students; we increased communication and support for families to ensure that their meaningful engagement was successful for their son and daughter’s achievement.We made a commitment years ago to create communities of learning with the knowledge that when students are together, more is possible. We have a foundational belief as an organization that parents/guardians are the primary educators of their children. Our role as an educational organization is to provide the tools and support to be highly successful in that role. We work together to accomplish this in a unique partnership through the interaction of credentialed team members, programs, curriculum, training, and resources.When it comes to our sites, we have used the past two years to purchase, remodel, modify, and beautify our campuses, knowing that students would only be gone a short while. We value the opportunity to ensure that our locations are great places for learning, and using the pandemic to escalate some of our timelines for construction projects was time well spent. When we all consider that choice in public education has grown the need for all schools to welcome parent feedback and involvement, we completely support having parents on our campuses to reinforce student learning.We have all taken something out of the past two years as individuals, parents, community members, professionals, and educators. May it be said that we have grown in our collective experiences to be more patient, more thoughtful, and less fearful. Public schools have a rooted place in our communities, and I am hopeful that more used these past two years for good, program redevelopment, and more student-based best practices to foster learning and academic success. What every student deserves is a quality public school. Making that happen is up to every educator to make that goal a priority.To the community of North San Diego County, you have our commitment at The Classical Academies that students are first, family support is important, and caring about the individual needs of everyone is something we do well. For more information about how we successfully achieved all of this, please visit www.ClassicalAcademy.com.Cameron CurryChief Executive OfficerThe Classical Academies

The Classical Academies is an organization of award-winning, tuition-free, public charter schools serving 5200+ students in grades TK-12 in North San Diego County.

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