CAHS Principal Pilots New App with Students

July 15, 2022

Classical Academy High School Principal, Stacey Perez, piloted a program with hundreds of teachers last school year to utilize the Along App mentoring tool. The Along App allows teachers to choose a research-based question, record a quick reflection video, and email it to their mentees. In turn, the mentees receive the message and can choose how they would like to reply, via video or text. The teacher is then able to see all reflections in one place and respond to students individually or the whole class to ensure that all students feel seen and heard.

I didn’t really know what to expect at first,” says Perez, who used the tool in the pilot with nine students. “Within the first two reflections, I started getting positive feedback from the students and their parents. They loved the weekly check-in and just couldn’t wait for 8:00 on Friday,” when Perez sent her email. “They were looking forward to my videos and questions. It was one minute of my time that was coming back tenfold.”

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Gradient Learning, and the Summit Learning platform partnered to research, create, and build Along. Read the complete article here.

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