New Report Shows Public Charter Schools Outperforming Traditional Schools

September 19, 2023

As a Matter of Fact, The National Charter School Study, hosted by Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO), reports that public charter schools outperform traditional public schools. As one of the country's most respected and prestigious research entities, CREDO has been tracking the academic performance of charter schools in America since 2009 and recognizes The Classical Academies as a standout in closing the gap in mathematics. The Classical Academies are honored to receive national recognition for preparing students to think, communicate, and achieve!

You can view the video about CREDO here.

View the CREDO Report here.

View the CCSA article here.

CREDO also recognizes The Classical Academies as a "gap buster" in mathematics. You can view the article here.

You can view the CREDO report here.

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