The Classical Academies Celebrates 10-Year Employees

September 18, 2023

Congratulations to the 36 employees who celebrated a 10-years working with The Classical Academies! The Board of Directors recognized the following individuals at September's Board Meeting: Robin Boshaw, Donna Brock, Amanda Burton, Suzanne Duncan, Elizabeth Erickson, Leslie Grant, Dyanna Grimes, Shanna Grimes, Melissa Hilbig, Rebecca Hurbon, Lynette James, Amber Johnson, Jennifer Klein, Debi Lappe, Dana Lehahan, Stephanie Lewis, Kersten Mazariego, Roger McElmell, Kelly Moratto, Kristianne Moreau, Marie Orr, Julie Pak, Colleen Palat, Gwen Preston, Lynn Reardon, Joey Roach, Sam Roberson, Sonia Ryan, Christian Sheffield, Barak Smith, Brigette Smith, Stephanie Terrell, Monica Valdovinos, Stephanie Valverde, Tayler Smith, and Patty Xaysanapannha. (Not all are pictured.)

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