Benefits of a Parent Partnership

July 23, 2022

The Classical Academies coined the term “Partnering with Parents for Student Success” in 1999 and it remains the core purpose of the organization today. As a tuition-free, public charter school serving 5,300+ students in grades TK-12, the organization’s success would not be possible without the trust, collaboration, and accountability it shares with parents. In recent years, the phrase has gained popularity among both private and public schools, but what is the true meaning of parent partnership? It is more than a phrase or tagline. The true definition blends cohesion and connection to best meet students' needs and aspirations.TrustA parent partnership begins with a relationship. We know parents and students personally. Parents are welcome on our campuses and in the classroom, and can often be found facilitating art projects, reading books to students, hosting clubs, or providing an extra hand. Parents can be found supervising students on the playground, chaperoning field trips decorating for school dances, coaching athletics, or mentoring teams. This involvement leads to a positive school community where the educators and parents trust each other that the best interest of the student is always at the forefront. Parents know that the teachers and team members truly care and their child and puts their needs first. Parent volunteers are highly valued as their leadership and talents are an integral part of The Classical Academy’s success! CollaborationTeachers, working with parents, collaborate together to design an individualized learning program for each student. These learning plans can include technology, labs, electives, extracurricular activities, academic specialists, or special education services. Teachers work with parents to proactively address learning or behavior challenges, create Independent Educational Plans or brainstorm ways for the student to be more successful. Parents meet with teachers several times a year to discuss the student’s progress and are invited to be meaningfully involved in their student’s education. AccountabilityWe hold each other accountable to ensure that the school team and parents are holding up their responsibilities to ensure that students are a success.

The Classical Academies is an organization of award-winning, tuition-free, public charter schools serving 5200+ students in grades TK-12 in North San Diego County.

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