Farewell to a Defining School Year

June 17, 2021

Enough has been said about the 2020/2021 school year! Historians will be writing about what happened during this time for decades to come. We each have our own story to tell and memories we collected. We each felt and saw the impact on lives during such a defining school year. I cannot be more grateful that this year happened when we had each other to lean on, with deep support and genuine care for one another.As June comes to a close, the past few weeks at The Classical Academies have been filled with celebrations, accolades, and wrapping up the final details of the school year. With students, parents, and many team members already on the summer break, this is the time when leadership can unpack their own thoughts as final state reports are filed and key dates and planning are secured for fall events and activities.We will never pass this way again, and I know that I would be remiss if I didn’t thank…· Our students for their daily engagement in learning.· Our parents for their unwavering support of their child's educational needs.· Our teachers for their commitment to showing up each day to benefit students and parents· Our support team for shoring up areas of need and being present to help on all fronts.I would also like to acknowledge the commitment, time, and leadership of our Board of Directors overseeing the organization this past year. Their trust was felt. Their encouragement was seen. Their belief in our mission, vision, and values was the catalyst for the entire team to press in so that no student, parent, or team member missed the established goal of The Classical Academies; every student’s needs were the priority, and their success was our success!Congratulations to all!Have a great summer!Cameron Curry is the Chief Executive Officer for The Classical Academies, an organization of award-winning, tuition-free, public charter schools serving 5800+ students in grades TK-12 in North San Diego County. Curry also serves on the board of the California Charter Schools Association. For more information about The Classical Academies, visit www.classicalacademy.com

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